Upcoming Events


Coastal Evangelism Conference

We invite you to join us this August 6 - 8, for the 23rd Annual Coastal Evangelism Conference at Langston Baptist Church. Featuring 10 different evangelists and ministers from all across the United States, there is sure to be a message for everyone. We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us this August for the 23rd annual Coastal Evangelism Conference. The schedule for the conference is as follows.

Wednesday August 6th - 6:45pm - Dr. Mac Brunson

                                      - 7:45pm - Dr. Roc Collins 

Thursday August 7th    - 9:15am   - The Old Paths

                                     - 9:45am   - Dr. DJ Horton

                                     - 10:30am - Dr. Mac Brunson

                                     - 11:15am - Dr. Roc Collins

                                     - 1:30pm   - The Old Paths

                                     - 1:50pm   - Dr. Johnny Hunt

                                     - 2:30pm   - Dr. Paige Patterson

                                     - 3:20pm   - Dr. Jeff Laborg

                                     - 5:25pm   - The Old Paths

                                     - 6:30pm   - Dr. Robert Smith, Jr.

                                     - 7:45pm   - Dr. Johnny Hunt

Friday August 8th         - 9:15am   - Charles Billingsley

                                     - 9:45am   - Dr. Randall Jones

                                     - 10:30am - Dr. Robert Smith, Jr. 

                                     - 11:15am - Dr. Herb Reavis

                                     - 1:40pm   - Charles Billingsley

                                     - 2:30pm   - Dr. CJ Bordeaux

                                     - 3:20pm   - Dr. Paige Patterson

                                     - 5:30pm   - Charles Billingsley

                                     - 6:30pm   - Dr. Herb Reavis

                                     - 7:45pm   - Dr. Jeff Laborg

Men's Conference with Dr. Johnny Hunt

On October 10 and 11th, Langston Baptist Church will host a Men's Conference with Dr. Johnny Hunt. The theme this year will be Escape Plan. Here's what Dr. Johnny has to say about this year's conference! "This year we will face the destructive epidemic of pornography head on as it is a ruthless killer of godly men and their marriages. If you have been its victim, this year will be a great weekend to begin the journey to restoration and celebrate the grace of a God who gives second chances. In addition, we will dive into the gold mine of Proverbs and examine the principles that have helepd me run the race faithfully for so many years." If you would like to sign up you can call the church office at (843) 365 - 5141 and ask for Adam or e-mail the church at adamb@langstonbaptist.com. Join us as we discover the Escape Plan with Dr. Johnny Hunt!

763 Highway 905, Conway, SC 29526 Phone: 843-365-5141 Fax: 843-365-4417
Email: lbc@langstonbaptist.com